Raw Double Chocolate Chunky Granola Recipe

By Las Oke | 8th April 2018 | 0 Comments

  Lucky for you guys my father has a HUGE sweet tooth! My Raw Double Chocolate Chunky Granola Recipe was born when I saw how much he needed his chocolate treats. He had such a great journey, so far he’s stopped eating meat, fish, dairy and something I never thought he would ever stop, coffee!…

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Healthy Kale Glow Salad Recipe

By Alessandra | 5th September 2018 | 0 Comments

    We all love having that extra glow and flawless skin. Thankfully there are so many beautiful plant based, chemical free make up products out there that help us achieve this ( I wear make up to events and am a girly girl so love switching up my look to how I feel) but…

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Raw Summer Rainbow Wraps Recipe

By Alessandra | 30th August 2018 | 0 Comments

  Summer calls for cold, crunchy,refreshing light foods. It the perfect time of year to take advantage of eating as many fresh raw easily digestible foods to benefit the most you can from each whole foods nutrition that you get from them in their natural uncooked state. So give your oven a rest and enjoy…

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Bamboo Clutch Bag


100% natural bamboo show stopping piece. Featuring two carry handles, natural tone, sustainable, ethical and on trend.

28cm x 20cm x 7.5cm

*Shipping cost separate


Contains a variety of cannabinoids

100% vegetable-based

Whole plant CO2 extract

Original and pure

Pleasant taste

Retains fluidity

  Hormones, something each and every one of us deal with daily. Only most of of suffer with issues resulting in unbalanced hormones making day to day life a little uncomfortable. Hormones play an important role from hormones undertaking certain biological processes, including everything from growth to digestion to reproduction and
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Good Morning! My Lemon Water Morning Ritual Lowdown
Good Morning! My Lemon Water Morning Ritual Lowdown
Photo by AndrewProd   Good morning you guys! Today I really want to talk about how you start your mornings? Now we’ve always heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but the belief of  what is a “good” breakfast is having a large filling, heavy portion
And the Winner Is.....
And the Winner is…..
    I recently hosted a giveaway with some of my fav skincare brands,  Jane Iredale, Environ and Advanced Nutrition Programme to give one lucky winner an amazing skin/ beauty package that is toxic free, not tested on animals and nourishing for your overall skin health! I’ll shut up now


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"Tips for a healthier lifestyle."

I will guide you through nutrition, whole food-plant based recipes , beauty tips and more and be there every step of the way. Its time to be the best version of you. Life is too short guys!!!


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120 Vegicaps


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CBD Oil – 25%
Premium Gold - 10ml


CBD Oil | What is it REALLY all about?

    Hey fam! Today’s blog is all to do with setting the CBD Oil record straight. What it is, where it comes from and if it’s REALLY legal? Exactly my reaction when I first heard the words CBD oil and you guys are probably asking the same questions. There’s